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window.HS_SLIDE_CART_LOADED = function(cart) {
  // It is executed once the cart has been loaded.
window.HS_SLIDE_CART_UPDATED = function(cart) {
  // Runs every time the slider cart is updated.
window.HS_SLIDE_CART_ADD_TO_CART = function({ id, quantity }) {
  // Runs every time an item is added to the cart
window.HS_SLIDE_CART_OPENED = function() {
   // Runs every time the sliding carriage drawer is opened.
window.HS_SLIDE_CART_CLOSED = function() {
  // Runs every time Slide Cart has been closed.
window.HS_SLIDE_CART_REMOVED_FROM_CART = function({ id }) {
  // Runs every time an item is removed from the cart.
 // Runs every time checkout is clicked.
window.HS_SLIDE_CART_UPSELL_ADD = function(id) {
  // Runs every time an additional sale item is added to the cart.

// Open Slide Cart Drawer
// Close Slide Cart Drawer
// Update Slide Cart Drawer (refetches cart object)
// Manually update the cart object of the Slide Cart Drawer
// Manually apply a coupon code
//Discard manually coupon code


The Cart Drawer that comes by default in the template opens instead of the Slide Cart

This is an example of a template, remember that all templates are the same so sometimes the settings change a bit.

1) Click on the Customize button of your template.

2) Go to the Theme Settings option.

3) Go to the Cart option.

4) Disable the Cart Drawer that comes by default in your template or change the option to Go to cart

Please remember that not all templates have the same configuration, some options have different names, however you have to be guided by the previous steps that we provide.