Slide Cart Drawer—Cart Upsell "the application" provides service to store owners who are found within the Shopify platform, you must take into account that the application is installed in the main template of the store, this Privacy Policy describes how to collects, uses and shares personal information when installing or using the application in connection with your Shopify compatible store.

Personal information we collect from your store

When you install the application we capture the personal data of your account, these data are Store name, Customer email, Phone and billing information, we protect the personal information of all our clients.

When you install the application we do not collect or retain any personal information from your store visitors.

The application accesses your store templates

When you install the application we can access the templates of your store and make modifications to the script tags and files that the template has.

We can read all the products and variants that your store has as well as the collections.

Personal information

When you install the application, we can keep your store's personal information unless you ask us to remove this information.

Important changes

These terms and conditions may change when exist an important update within the application or due to a legal change.

Contact us

You can contact us for any regarding the application or any change in our privacy policy to [email protected]